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Pregnancy Week 5

How to Get Pregnant

By the time pregnancy week 5 comes around, it is quite evident that a woman's period is definitely late. She has probably not been feeling so great, perhaps a little under the weather with what she thought was stomach flu. Often times at this stage in the pregnancy, expecting parents are clueless as to what is happening. Not to worry, it won't take long to figure out. Pretty soon, either an early pregnancy test will be taken, or a trip to the doctor will reveal that there is a bundle of joy on the way.

Changes in the Mother's Body

As a result of hormonal changes, a woman may find that her breasts beginning to swell slightly during week 5. They may even become tender to the touch; this is because her milk glands are beginning to proliferate in preparation for the baby. A woman may feel extremely hungry, possibly ravenous. On the other hand she may be at the opposite end of the spectrum and become ill at the very thought of food. Each pregnancy is different, so it is hard to say which of these symptoms, if either, will occur. There also seems to be added pressure to a woman's bladder during pregnancy that will cause her to have to urinate more frequently, this will become more pronounced, the further along she gets in her pregnancy.

Development of the Baby

An embryo is comprised of three different layers. The outer layer in called the ectoderm, it will make the neural tube which will eventually develop the hair, skin, spinal chord, and nervous system. The middle layer is called the mesoderm, and it will create the bones, kidneys, muscles and reproductive organs, in the coming weeks. The circulatory system and heart will form rather quickly at this stage of pregnancy. The Inner layer is known as the endoderm. This is a tube that will eventually form into the pancreas, bladder, liver and intestines. Pregnancy week 5 is a crucial stage in the development of the baby.

Diet end Exercise

A pregnant woman should be getting at least 1000 micrograms of folic acid a day. Folate, folic acid, which is in the B vitamin group, will aid in preventing serious birth defects, especially of the neural tube. Cereals that are fortified with a good source of folic acid, green leafy vegetables, beans, peas and citrus are also a very good way to get extra folate in a diet. This is a good time to start Kegel exercises. The best way to explain kegel exercises is, when a woman contracts the muscles on the pelvic floor to keep herself from urinating she is contracting the kegel muscles. Contracting these muscles and relaxing them 50 or 100 times a day is a very good way to prepare for birth.

Tips for Dads

By pregnancy week 5, mom might be in the worst of moods, and she may even be taking it out on everyone she comes in contact with, including dad! Expecting fathers should keep in mind that it is not him she is upset with. She is just having a hard time adjusting to the flood of pregnancy hormones that are overwhelming her body during this stage. She also may be experiencing morning sickness, and not necessarily just in the morning. The best way for dads to help during pregnancy week 5 is to try to keep from getting angry, or taking any of the things she may say to heart.

This is probably a good time to start considering what type of prenatal care will be best. Depending on the insurance expectant parents carry, there may be restrictions, but after checking with their insurance companies, the search for a good OB/GYN should be chosen during pregnancy week 5.