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Pregnancy Week 8

How to Get Pregnant

Congratulations are in order! The weeks have flown by, and now the mom can say she is two months pregnant. It is just about time for the ultrasound, and baby is growing faster than ever. Pregnancy week 8 leaves only 4 more weeks until the end of the bumpy first trimester. The waters are beginning to become a little less rough, but there is still quite awhile to go before the baby arrives. This is a good thing because it gives mom and dad a bit more time to adjust.

Changes in the Mother's Body

Pregnancy week 8 usually marks the time when a pregnant woman will begin to see her waistline thicken a bit. Her uterus is just about the size of an orange by now. Typically, if this is her first pregnancy, she will not be showing yet. However, if this is not her first pregnancy she may have a slightly more pronounced lower belly. Women normally show sooner with each subsequent pregnancy. Pregnancy week 8 also brings in some of the things women thought they were rid of when they left adolescence, such as pimples or other skin problems. She shouldn't be alarmed because these issues will usually resolve by the end of the first trimester. Sometimes the skin problems will last until after delivery, but that is much less common.

Development of the Baby

In most cases an ultrasound will be performed during pregnancy week 8, and this will be remarkable. There will be the tiniest fluttering of a heart beat. The arms, elbows, and fingers are beginning to develop and the legs have tiny buds with feet showing the beginnings of toes. The nose becomes prominent, and the eyes and ears continue to develop. There are even teeth beginning to form under the babies gums! Pregnancy week 8 is also about the time that brings the development of the umbilical chord. The baby is growing quite fast at this stage.

Diet and Exercise

Mom should not have changed her diet very much in terms of healthy food choices. Hopefully she is still taking her prenatal supplements and continuing to eat foods that are rich in vitamins, minerals, folic acid, iron, and plenty of calcium. Whole grain breads are a better choice than processed white breads, and fresh juices are a better choice than sugary sodas. It is a great idea to lay off the caffeine during pregnancy because the baby has a delicate heart, and caffeine could have an effect on its development. Most forms of exercise are still approved at this stage.

Tips for Dad

It is crucial that dads begin to take an active role in the pregnancy and childbirth early. Attending all of the doctors' appointments, and even child birth classes, whenever possible, is a good way for dad to show he is getting involved. His involvement will make mom feel more confident that she has a partner to go through this with. Once the first sonogram is performed and mom and dad have been able to see the baby's heart beat for the first time, there will be much cause to celebrate. Perhaps a nice candlelight dinner will be a very nice gesture on dad's part.

This is still a great time for mom and dad to go out and have a nice time enjoying each other's company. Before they know it there will be an addition to their family that will change the lives they have become used to as a couple. If there are older children, it will be a great idea to spend time with them and talk to them about the coming arrival of their baby sister or brother.