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Pregnancy Week 6

How to Get Pregnant

It is now four weeks after conception, and things are moving along with the development of the baby. By now the expectant mother has already scheduled her first doctor's appointment to begin her prenatal care. If she has not, she should do so immediately. Prenatal care is vital in preventing unforeseen complications that may have been avoided with a simple exam.

Changes in the Mother's Body

If an expectant mom has not started morning sickness prior to pregnancy week 6, there is a good chance this might be her unlucky week. On the other hand, there are many women who reveal that they have never experienced a single episode of morning sickness. The breast should almost always be feeling some sort of discomfort by now. Perhaps, extra nipple sensitivity and swelling may be present. Often, during pregnancy week 6 a woman will begin developing the craving for odd foods that she would normally never eat. There are even cases of women craving things such as chalk or clay! This typically has to do with a lack of something in her everyday diet. Obviously, not submitting to inedible cravings is a given.

Development of the Baby

Exciting week for baby! He/she is approximately 1/17 of an inch in length and will begin growing quite swiftly from here on out. The umbilical chord is developing. The ears and eyes are beginning to form and there is the start of an opening where the mouth will be. There are little buds forming that will eventually be the arms and legs. The best part is that the heart has begun beating and pumping blood to all of the developing organs! Things are shaping up nicely, and in the next few weeks, the baby will actually look like a baby!

Diet and Exercise

Things remain status quo for the pregnancy diet. Avoiding processed foods that are loaded with preservatives and other potentially harmful chemicals is imperative. It should go without saying that no medications should be taken during pregnancy without careful observation by a doctor. Absolutely no alcohol should be consumed. During pregnancy week 6, keeping up with the kegel exercises, as well as a nice brisk walk everyday for at least 30 minutes, is highly recommended and will be a great way for a woman to keep herself fit.

Tips for Dad

If mom is dealing with morning sickness there are several things a dad can do to help her. There are many odors that, at this time, may make mom feel nauseous. Even everyday odors like brewing coffee can send her over the edge. Dads can do things like make sure there are always soda crackers next to her bed so that she can eat them before she gets out of bed. She may not be up to cleaning the house or cooking meals so dad may want to temporarily take over some of those duties. One of the most important thing dads can do to help is allowing mom to get as much rest as she needs.

There are only 34 weeks left until baby arrives, when all of the ups and downs of pregnancy will be over. In the coming months a sonogram will show a picture of the baby, and feeling the little one kick will be a regular occurrence. Pregnancy is the most beautiful experience for both mom and dad, and almost always causes couples to bond like nothing else can.