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Pregnancy Week 9

How to Get Pregnant

By Pregnancy week 9 the reality will have settled in. In most cases the parents will have already heard the fluttering beat of their new baby's heart, and the realization that a little person is growing within the mother's womb will have hit home. There are many changes in the weeks to come because the baby will start developing much faster now than in the previous weeks. Let us see what is happening during pregnancy week 9.

Changes in the Mother's Body

This week will be the second time a woman's period has been absent. Her breasts will more than likely be quite a bit fuller now, causing them to feel relatively more sensitive than in the past weeks. A good support bra can usually remedy this situation and add a fair amount of comfort. Her waistline is probably growing even thicker. She may be experiencing a moderate amount of heart burn as a result of the pregnancy hormones, and the demand on her body to adjust to them.

Development of the Baby

The baby is making some very significant progress in development this week. Bones and cartilage have begun to form and the structure of the eye is moving along at a good pace; even the tongue as started to form. The baby's intestines have begun to move slowly from the umbilical chord into the baby's abdomen now that the baby's body has grown enough to make room. The hands and feet have formed, and webbed fingers and toes are appearing.

Diet and Exercise

Perhaps by pregnancy week 9 morning sickness will have alleviated significantly causing a woman's appetite to return to normal. She may be hungry every couple of hours. Healthy snacks like granola, fruit, and yogurt are great sources of nutrition, and an excellent alternative to candy bars. If a woman craves ice cream, frozen yogurt is a very healthy alternative, however, if it's ice cream she wants, dad may want to get her ice cream! An active form of routine cardio vascular exercise that does not strain muscles in the abdomen is still very important during pregnancy week 9.

Tips for Dads

During pregnancy, a big issue for dads can be sex. The hormonal changes in a woman can cause her to either see a decline in her sexual appetite or an increase. Either way, dad can be left a little bit perplexed. If she wants to have sex all the time he may be afraid he is going to hurt the baby. Rest assured that this will not happen. Sex is perfectly natural, and unless otherwise prohibited or limited by a doctor, enjoy as usual. On the other hand, if mom has been feeling under the weather she may not be in the mood at all. Dads should not take this to heart, it's not them, it's her hormones and it will improve with time.

Communication is a very important tool for couples who are expecting a child, especially if it is the first child. They should not be afraid to talk about any issues that may arise between them.