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Pregnancy Week 4

How to Get Pregnant

Sometime during her pregnancy week 4, a woman may have already noticed that her period is late. This is typically the time when most people find out they are expecting. Obviously, if a couple has been trying to conceive, they may have already consulted their physician to have a pregnancy test done, but more times that not, this will be the week a woman will begin to suspect that perhaps, she is pregnant. This is also a very exciting week within the womb because wonderful things are happening. There is actually a baby forming, and there are quite a few things that will begin to happen to mom's body.

Changes in the Mother's Body

During this week many signs and symptoms may begin to occur. There are a lot of hormone changes going on within the woman's body and she may begin to feel fatigued, or slightly run down. There have even been some women who have said they felt slight cold like symptoms, such as a stuffy head. It is possible that pregnancy week 4 could bring the first signs of morning sickness as well. Mood swings or other emotional changes are not uncommon for a woman in her 4th week of pregnancy.

Development of the Baby

This is a very busy week for the baby! During this week implantation will occur. Implantation means that the blastocyst has burrowed into the lining of the uterus. After the blastocyst has entered the uterus it will begin to locate a nice comfortable spot to spend the next 36 weeks. From this point, the cells of the blastocyst will divide, one will form the baby and the other one will form the placenta. The placenta, once it is fully functioning, will provide proper nutrition for the growing fetus as well as a place to eliminate the baby's waste.

Diet and Exercise

A proper diet of healthy foods will be important for any pregnant woman, during any stage of pregnancy; however, the first trimester is the absolutely most crucial time because the baby is in the major developmental stages. Women should avoid processed foods and eat whole grains, nuts, fruit and a good amount of dairy for calcium. If morning sickness is an issue, a few soda crackers can be eaten slowly to help alleviate nausea.

Tips for Dad

At this point many women will begin acting strangely toward their loved ones. They may exhibit fits of anger, crying spells and overall mood swings. The thing for dad to keep in mind is that this is temporary. Many dads begin to feel very helpless at this stage because they don't know quite what their role should be. Well, the best thing to do sometimes is to just listen to her, comfort her when she is sad, and maybe talk to her about what she is feeling.

No one has ever said that pregnancy is a piece of cake. There are going to be some bad moments but at the same time there will be many beautiful, unforgettable moments like the first kick. Unfortunately, this is probably not one of those moments.