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Pregnancy Week 3

How to Get Pregnant

With the arrival of pregnancy week 3, many people will wonder what to expect, if anything. This is the stage where the actual conception occurs. Beyond this point there will be many changes and soon a woman may even begin to experience some of the symptoms of pregnancy. Typically, toward the end of week 3 an early pregnancy test can detect whether or not a woman has conceived

Changes in the Mother's Body

At this stage there may not be any symptoms to speak of. One of the changes that occurs, and will more than likely go unnoticed, is that of an immunosuppressant protein (EPF) Early Pregnancy Factor, that will be released into the mothers body, to prevent it from mistaking the fetus as an imposter, thereby, rejecting it. Often, during this early stage of pregnancy, hormonal changes can cause some mood instability. This is perfectly normal and will usually even out a little with time.

Development of the Baby

In pregnancy week 3, the baby will be so tiny that he/she could not be seen by the naked eye. In fact at this point, while the gender chromosomes are already in place, they have not differentiated and the baby is neither a he nor a she as the sex cannot yet be determined. At this stage the baby is referred to as a blastocyst which consists of two cell types, the first relating to the structure of the adult organism and the second combining with the endometrium to form the placenta.

Diet and Exercise

By this time the expectant mother should be taking a prenatal supplement to help provide folic acid, and essential vitamins and minerals, which a fetus will need, to grow into a healthy baby. Calcium and protein rich foods such as cheese, milk, chicken, and fish are recommended. A higher caloric intake will be necessary to provide enough nourishment for both mother and baby. There are no exercise restrictions at this point, unless otherwise directed by a physician.

Tips for Dads

During pregnancy week 3, dad will probably still be enjoying the effort that goes into getting pregnant, but there are some things he can do to help. The expectant mother will have to change many things and possibly even get rid of some unhealthy habits. She may need moral support, especially if she has to quit smoking or make a similarly drastic change. When a dad gently reminds an expectant mom that what she is about to eat or drink may be harmful, he is taking an active role in creating a healthy environment for his baby.

In the coming weeks a pregnant woman may feel some discomfort and possibly even some anxiety. It will be crucial that she surround herself with a good support system and not be afraid to ask for help if she needs it. Giving life to another human being is the single most important thing a woman will do in her life, and she should treat herself well and know that she deserves it.