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Anti-Abortion Arguments - Reasons Against Abortion

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Abortion has become a heated topic for countless individuals around the globe. In today's world, bringing up the topic of abortion is more likely to start a heated debate than a calm and reasonable discussion on the merits that both sides bring to the table. While both sides make good points about their positions in the discussion, there may never be an agreed upon "right or wrong" answer. Following are some of the points that are commonly brought up in anti-abortion arguments.

Reason 1: Life Begins at Conception

A lot of people believe that life begins at conception. Regardless of why these people believe this, they have either received this idea from religious dogma or believe so because of scientific reasoning, they view abortion as murder. Abortion goes directly against the idea that murder is unacceptable by religious and societal decree, as shown in the fact that all major religions have codes against murder with corresponding penalties. The consequences for consequences for disobeying those decrees affect the state of the soul in the after life. Societies also punish individuals that violate established laws prohibiting murder. While both sides agree that murder is evil, it is problematic because they disagree on when that baby is considered "alive."

Reason 2: Adoption is a Great Option

There are millions of families around the world, and in this country in particular, who are either unable to conceive a child on their own, or want to expand their families by taking in children that need loving homes. There are many different types of adoption processes these days that can fit into the needs of the biological parents of the child. The parents can determine how much, or how little, information and contact that they would like to share with the child as it grows and matures. Some parents can work out situations with adoptive parents that ensure they are a significant part of the child"s life while other adoption agreements can ensure the utmost confidentiality that severs all ties between the child put up for adoption and the biological parents.

Reason 3: Living with Regret

Some individuals that have abortions are not able to get over the painful memory of terminating a life. These people sometimes end up developing such deep feelings of guilt and remorse that their quality of life is significantly decreased. Depression and other stress related conditions have been reported in many cases of individuals who received an abortion before really considering the long-term ramifications of their actions. Some people who have an abortion early in life are haunted by the idea of the child that did not get to live in this world.

Everyone is entitled to his or her own opinion, and should not be berated for their personal beliefs on the topic. In the end, the two sides of the argument will probably never come to an agreement that can satisfy everyone. The best solution would be to find a way to coexist and let each person deal with his or her own conscience as they see fit.