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Pro Life Organizations in the United States What Do They Do

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People often question pro life organizations in the United States-what do they do? The belief surrounding a pro life organization is simply that there is value in the human life. With that in mind, they feel that anything involving ending the life of an individual, fetus or adult, is morally wrong and has no benefit to society as a whole. They believe that life is sacred and must be protected at all costs, and that no life should be ended outside of natural causes.

History of the Pro Life Movement

In terms of the beginning of the pro life movement, the Roman Catholic Church was the first pro life organization in the United States and is currently the largest. They began as lawyers, politicians, and doctors, but were coordinated by Catholic organizations in the 1970s. By 1990 the Christian Coalition of America became a significant pro life organization. Pro life organizations are not exclusive to the United States. The Society for the Protection of Unborn Children is located in the United Kingdom, and there are significant pro life organizations in France and Spain as well. Israel has a pro life organization known as Efrat who devotes all of their energies to providing options to pregnant women.

Religions Involved in a Pro Life Organizations

Some would consider the pro life movement to have a strong religious backing. Truthfully, each religion has its own opinion. The Roman Catholic Church does not allow abortion for any reason; however, there are some Jewish teachings that view abortion as an option if the life of the pregnant woman is in danger. There are other churches who consider the life of the mother to be a deciding factor as well. Other churches will allow abortion if there are issues with the health of the child. In the case of Islam, Hinduism and Judaism the decision of abortion is decided on a case-by-case basis.

Goals of Pro Life Organizations in the United States

Pro life organizations in the United States participate in a lot of activities to gain public awareness in their efforts to dissuade individuals who choose to have abortions. One of their major goals is to "restore legal protection to innocent human life" most of these organizations oppose any behavior that will end a life including capital punishment, euthanasia and unjust war as they are believed to be wrong. They believe that there is value in all human life regardless of age.

What Do Pro Life Organizations in the United States Do to Further Their Cause?

In an effort to further their cause, pro life organizations participate in mass demonstrations. One of the most significant demonstrations is held every year on the anniversary date of Roe versus Wade. Other demonstrations include "Walk for Life" and the "Life Chain." Individuals involved in the pro life movement also offer counseling that is often given outside of an abortion clinic, and also participates in crisis pregnancy centers in an effort to offer abortion alternatives to pregnant women.

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