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Say No to Abortion

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Contrary to popular opinion, abortion dates back to ancient times. The pro life movement is not a recent idea. Religious and moral people have fought for the rights of unborn children for centuries. Pregnancies were ended through taking certain herbs or using sharp instruments, abdominal pressure and other techniques. Many early laws were based on "quickening," or when the mother begins to feel the movement of the baby. It was generally accepted that abortion could be performed before this time.

Pioneers in the Pro Life Movement

More recently, people such as, Mother Teresa, Theodore Roosevelt, G.K. Chesterton, David Livingston J. Hudson Taylor, Alexander Solzenitsyn, Vincent dePaul, and thousands of others have been supporters of the pro life movement. Many people in today's fight for life are unfamiliar with the history. Some groups spend time trying to re-invent the wheel and do not tap into a rich resource of research that has already been done.

Learn the History of the Movement to Avoid Future Errors

George Grant tells the fascinating facts about these previous fights and the people who've fought them. He points out where the current movement has made errors and where it has hit the target. His research has provided valuable resources that are sure to help win the fight for those who want the say no to the passing of abortion laws.

Religious and Moral Views on Abortion

Most people who believe you should say no to abortion believe that life begins at conception. They believe that abortion is wrong because it kills an innocent human being. They think that abortion is attacking human life which was made in the image of God. Religious views are rooted in the beliefs that all violence against humans is wrong. They believe that all humans should be treated invariably with love and compassion.

Women Changing Their Stance

Many supporters of the say no to abortion movement are women who have previously had abortions. Lots of them have expressed the fact that they wish they had heard about the evils of abortion in their church before they had committed the atrocity. They now realize that it was both morally and ethically wrong and they regret their decision.

Opponents in Government

Many religious groups and pro life groups want to say no to abortion because regardless of how you look at it, abortion is murder. According to biology, life begins at conception and abortion is just wrong. Some United States lawmakers agree and are giving the states the ability to choose not to cover abortion.

Opponents who think mothers should say no to abortion are pushing for the parts of the law that lets individual states completely ban abortion coverage. One anti-abortion lobby group, Americans United for Life, has already written up a model law for the states that wish to ban health coverage for abortion. Part of the new health care legislation gave states the right to opt out of abortion coverage. Anti-abortion groups moved quickly to help the states have everything they needed to say no to abortion.


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