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Risks of Abortion Procedures

How to Get Pregnant

Your pregnancy may have taken you by surprise and you may even feel you are not ready to parent a child. Parenting a child can be a big responsibility. Before you make a decision whether or not to have that baby, make sure you are completely educated on all of the options. Never make a decision without first consulting a health professional. You may be considering abortion as an option, but please understand that there are risks of abortion procedures that may cause you to think twice.

Different Types of Abortion Procedures

There are a number of different abortion procedures that each come with their own set of risks. Suction Aspiration is performed during the first three months of a pregnancy. This procedure uses a long plastic tube and a sucking device. Second, there is Dilation & Curettage that is performed with a loop shaped knife that will scrape away the fetus and placenta. Third, we have Dilation & Evacuation where tissue is removed from the lining of your cervix. Fourth, there is what is known as induction abortion were salt water is used to terminate your pregnancy. Finally, there is Dilation and Extraction that is performed after 21 weeks into your pregnancy by completely removing the fetus.

Risks of Abortion Procedures

There are definite risks of abortion procedures that should be discussed. For instance, Suction Aspiration and Dilation & Curettage have side effects such as cramping, sweating and feeling faint. Furthermore, Dilation & Evacuation, Induction Abortion and Dilation and Extraction can cause damage to your cervix and promote blood clots. Dilation and Extraction can cause additional emotional problems due to the fact that the fetus is further along in the development than in other abortion procedures.

Spiritual Risks of Abortion Procedures

Aside from all of the physical risks of abortion procedures, many women may also experience risks in their spirituality. Regardless of what your current spiritual beliefs may be, if you have a relationship with God an abortion may affect that. Your spirituality deserves thorough consideration. Are you comfortable with how your God may view your abortion? You may wish to speak to a spiritual advisor before making this decision.

Other Alternatives to Avoid Risks of Abortion Procedures

It is important that you realize that how you decide to handle your pregnancy is entirely up to you. Your decision is best made if you consider all of your resources and options to make your best choice. If you have a strong support system you can look to your friends and family members to find the strength to parent your child or support as you adopt it out. More than 50,000 women in America choose to put their child up for adoption every year. If you are not in a position to raise your child, it is important to understand that adoption is a more loving alternative to abortion. There are a number of couples out there who are ready and more than willing to raise a child.