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How to Deal With an Unplanned Pregnancy

How to Get Pregnant

You just found out you're pregnant and you're wondering how to deal with an unplanned pregnancy. Know that you have several options so that you can make an informed, unpressured decision as to what is best for you, your unborn baby, and the future of all involved.

Step 1: Verify That You Really Are Pregnant

Many women start to panic when they believe they might be pregnant, and put themselves, and others, through a myriad of emotions only to find out that they really are not pregnant after all. Although home pregnancy tests are much more accurate now than in the past, they are still not 100% accurate. If you've taken a home pregnancy test (at least once), be sure to go to your doctor or local clinic for verification before you do anything else.

Step 2: Do Your Research

Knowing that you have options is crucial to knowing how to deal with an unplanned pregnancy. Although at first you may think that abortion is the only, or best option, there are many other wonderful options available to you. Limiting your thinking to just a few options is unfair to you; you want to make sure that you make a fully informed decision. How you decide to deal with an unplanned pregnancy will determine the start of a new life for you and hopefully for your unborn baby. Step 3: Discover Various Adoption Options

When giving a baby up for adoption as a birthparent you have several options. Designated adoption is where the birthparents and adoptive parents find each other through a 3rd party. Semi-open adoption is when non-identifying information is shared with both the adopting and the placing parents. Closed adoption is when the adopting and placing parents never meet, and know very little, if anything, about each other.

Designated Adoption

Designated adoptions are probably the most common way for adoptive and placing parents find each other. There are many agencies, both non-profit and for-profit, that can assist you. You get to decide exactly how much information you want to share with the prospective adoptive parents, as well as how much information you want to have about them. The agency will guide and support you through the entire process so you're able to make the best decisions.

Semi-Open Adoption

Semi-Open adoptions are great because the birthparents decide how much information they would like to share with the prospective adoptive families. Some of the things typically shared are your age(s), ethnicity, build, coloring, likes and dislikes, characteristics, special abilities, if the baby has other siblings, and things of that nature. You are also able to discover much of the same information about the prospective new family members.

Closed Adoption

Closed adoptions are for those more comfortable not sharing personal information about themselves with prospective adoptive families. Some see a big advantage to this because they want to keep everything as uninvolved, quiet and private as possible. Keep in mind that in a closed adoption you normally don't get information about the adoptive family either, but know that all placing parents are fully screened by the agency.

Knowing how to deal with an unplanned pregnancy can be frightful for many, but the unknown is always the scariest part of all. Know all your options and talk to others who have gone through what you're going through. Don't let anyone pressure you to make any kind of decision; take your time to make sure you're comfortable with what's best for you and your unborn baby.