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Painful Side Effects of Abortion

How to Get Pregnant

You may feel overwhelmed by a pregnancy that you were not expecting, but there are options available to help decide how you to handle your situation. With the support of caring people, parenting your child can be challenging, but not impossible. Placing your child for adoption is also a healthy alternative. If you are unable to parent your child, abortion is not your only way out. You must be completely educated on whatever choice you make. Speak with a trusted health professional concerning the possible painful side effects of abortion, and you may soon discover that this is not an option for you.

Painful Side Effects of Abortion

Abortion should never be considered an easy way out. This procedure comes with a great deal of consequences that are both painful and potentially dangerous. Within 2 to 4 weeks after you have had an abortion you can begin to experience severe abdominal pains. It is also not uncommon for women to become nauseous and be overwhelmed with vomiting and diarrhea. You may even experience intense pain, infection, or damage to some of your other organs immediately after the procedure.

Potentially Serious Complications Following an Abortion

Although there are a number of possible painful side effects of abortion, the fact remains that these side effects may even prove to be dangerous. Regardless of whether or not this procedure is performed surgically or with a pill, it can cause long term damage. There is a possibility that your cervix could be damaged due to surgical instruments, which could lead to heavy bleeding, infection, or the need for surgery. There have been some cases where women who have experienced Sepsis, or total body infection, due to abortion have actually died. Aside from that there is the possibility of the abortion not being completed correctly. If there are parts of the fetus left inside, this can also cause infection and heavy bleeding.

Spiritual and Emotional Side Effects

The painful side effects of abortion are not limited to your physical condition. It is very common for women to experience many side effects that are both spiritual and emotional. Abortion may cause guilt, depression, lowered self-esteem, and intense anger or rage. Abortion has even been the cause of such serious illnesses such as eating disorders or suicidal urges. In extreme cases, there have been women who experience hallucinations, flashbacks, and even an imagined visitation of the child lost. Furthermore, many women experience an increase in sexual inhibition, alcohol abuse, and inability to communicate with their friends and family. These side effects can appear almost instantly.

Seeking Medical Attention if You Are Experiencing Painful Side Effects of Abortion

If you have recently had an abortion performed and are experiencing these side effects, you may need medical attention. Consult with a physician immediately if you are noticing severe abdominal pain, heavy bleeding, a high fever, or continuing symptoms of pregnancy. If you are considering an abortion, weigh your decision carefully as you will discover there are much more loving ways to handle this.