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Forced and Coercive Abortions An Epidemic for American Women

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The sad truth is that there are many women who would not have had an abortion if they would have had support from their friends and family. Even more women were actually forced into having the abortion. Forced and coercive abortions have become an epidemic for American women. It is an unfortunate fact that in many cases, women feel as if abortion was their only option, even though this choice violated their beliefs and desires to have a child. They feel as if they had been left with no choice.

A Number of Women in the United States Are Forced to Have Abortions Each Year

There are some statistics that say that 60% of women felt as if they had no other choice but to have an abortion. Others claim that as many as 40% of abortions are forced. Further, 33% of those women confess that they were pressured by their spouses to have this procedure done while 54% of women felt as if they were forced in other ways. They claim to have not been forced into having an abortion by their spouses as you might believe, but by other circumstances. In any case, the percentage of forced and coerced abortions is still rather alarming.

Connection between Abortion and Domestic Violence

A large number of forced abortions can be directly connected to domestic abuse. In some cases where the woman is in a violent situation, they may be under pressure to have an abortion rather than allow the physical abuse to escalate. There have been cases where pregnant women were murdered, or injured, by their partners to avoid giving birth to an unwanted baby. In some situations, this violence can even lead to miscarriages or the spouse will become furious if an abortion does not take place.

Teenagers Are Often Coerced into Abortion

There are heart breaking stories that involve forced abortions in teenage cases where the boyfriend had been arrested for kicking the girl repeatedly to induce a miscarriage. In other situations, teenage girls are often forced into abortion by their mothers from lack of approval of the boyfriend. And in even sadder situations, sometimes teenage girls are forced into abortion due to sexual abuse, or rape, from the male members of their family. In many cases, these teenage girls have difficulties finding adults who will help them out of this environment.

How Are These Forced and Coercive Abortions Taking Place?

It is difficult to imagine how an individual can be forced into having an abortion. Women in America are being coerced in many different ways. Aside from violence or sexual abuse, one of the biggest ways that women are being forced into abortion is through manipulation. They may be manipulated by their employer who is known for firing employees that become pregnant. Although this is technically discrimination, it is still quite common. Furthermore, there are even times when pregnant women are denied shelter, or threatened with loss of financial support, if an abortion does not take place.