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Why Should Abortion Be Made Universally Illegal

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Despite the longevity of the debate over abortion, it still remains as a crucial topic today. While there are advocates on the appropriateness of legalizing abortion, there are still those who deem it as an inappropriate act. These advocates contend that abortion should be made illegal worldwide. Likewise, there are several reasons why some point out that banning of abortion is just right.

Abortion as Act of Murder

Regardless of whether the child is not fully human yet, some consider abortion as an act of murder. Basically, the fetus inside the womb is a potential human being so putting an end to the pregnancy means killing it. Others also point out that the process is not just painful for the mother but also for the child. Advocates consider it as a brutal act to cut out the lifeline and forcibly extract the fetus from the womb before it is ready. The mother does not own sole consent over the matter. In fact, for some, no one, not even the mother has any right in deciding whether the child should leave or die. It is the child's life and not hers.

Health Risks

The mother's health is also another contention in making abortion an illegal act. Abortion does not only pose risk during the process but also after and even for the rest of the patient's lifetime. Advocates consider this as a strong point in banning abortion. The process and post-effects of abortion do not exactly promote the mother's welfare. Along with rising healthcare costs, it might not be a good idea to jeopardize the body. Abortion can pose problems for future pregnancies and may even cause depression and other reproductive diseases. Knowing the repercussion of abortion often help women realize how an unwise decision it is.

Religious Beliefs

Just like how abortion is considered as murder, some religions regard the act of abortion as unlawful intervention of God's will. As the doctrine denotes, man should not intervene and take other people's lives at their own liberty. This is even emphasized if the act cannot benefit others. Life, in general, is considered sacred. It should be protected and nurtured. The same beliefs apply in bearing a child. Parents are there to nurture and give life; they are not supposed to take their own child's life.

Question of Morality

This is heavily concerned with abortion considered as murder. In the actual world, a person cannot take the life of another unless otherwise by some form of accident, necessity and form of punishment. Killing another individual even in a legal sense takes a lot of consideration and thought. There's even a due process often involved in determining whether a criminal should be left alive or should be executed. These circumstances alone contradict the rightfulness of abortion. As far as the child in the womb is concerned, advocates point out that the child in fact did nothing wrong. Whether the pregnancy is accidental or unwanted, the child does not bear fault and should not be punished under any circumstances. The child inside the womb should not die unless by some form of natural death.