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Caring For Your New Baby

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Giving birth to a child is considered to be one of the most sacred and greatest things a woman can do. There is something about giving birth to new life that is special. It is also considered as a big turning point in both a man's and a woman's life. Although people are accustomed to caring for others, still it is different when a woman is set to take care of another that came from her womb. In most cases, new mothers find it nerve wracking. Since, the child is extremely delicate, extreme care is necessary. A new mother always has to be wary of her actions, and the things around her, when taking care of the baby. The following tips should give any new mother an idea on how to properly care for her baby.

Preparing for Diaper Changing

Often, a new mother finds diaper changing as quite a challenge. But there shouldn't be any worries considering that these days, diapers are very efficient and leaks don't happen as often as they did 10 years ago. The first thing that should be considered is gathering together everything that will be needed. Once the process starts, it'll be hard to go and look around for a missing component. It's also not safe for the baby. Some of the necessary materials include diapers, wipes, ointments, powders and other materials needed to clean the baby. Always have extra available so if any mishaps occur, it won't be hard to repeat the process.

Changing the Diaper

It might be a good idea to use a changing pad or table for convenience. The table provides straps where the baby can be safely fastened. Although the baby is safely fastened on the table, it's strictly advised not to leave the baby unattended. Unfasten the diaper and gently remove it. Don't pull on it. Gently grab the baby's ankles or feet and lift him/her up. Wash the baby's bottom using water and soap, or for convenience with the use of wipes. Make sure that area is thoroughly cleaned. Apply ointment, powder or anything that will help prevent diaper rash. Fasten a new diaper and adjust the straps so that the diaper is secure, but not too tight.

Bathing Baby

Bathing baby is also crucial in taking care of newborns. Babies are sensitive to water and a wrong splash can have them gasping for breath. The first thing to do is have everything prepared before you bring baby to the bathing area. Supplies needed might include a small tub, soap, wash cloth or any lotions and powder. Regardless of the kind of tub to be used, it's very important that water level is shallow so as not to endanger the baby. The ideal temperature for a baby bath is around 100 degrees Fahrenheit. Try to talk and sooth the baby while removing his/her clothes. Don't pour water on the infant. Instead use a wash cloth for the face. It may be possible to drip water onto the torso but do it gently. Wipe dry the infant and apply lotion or powder. Make sure that full attention is devoted to the child while in the tub.