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The Joy of Natural Birth

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There's always that major decision that expectant mothers have to decide, give birth naturally or go through a surgical procedure. For expectant mothers who want to gain control of their bodies and be more involved with their pregnancy, then it's best to go with the natural way. Natural birth also has minimal medical intervention so it's likely there won't be as many complications. The process is not sedated so it's possible to monitor what is happening without any concerns. However, it is painful as compared to other procedures. But for mothers who want to feel the joy of childbirth, nothing makes enduring that pain for hours more worthwhile than holding the baby immediately after. Although labor and childbirth is a long and painful process, with good supervision, there shouldn't be anything to worry about. Natural birth can provide a huge sense of satisfaction.

Non-invasive and Empowering

Commonly, natural childbirth is considered non-invasive. Since the process is up to the expectant mother, there won't be any need to use medical treatments and apparatus, which can lead to complications. It's empowering to go through the process of child birth. Especially in natural birth, an expectant mother works hard to give a successful delivery. Right after, it's more than fulfilling to know that the child was born because of the mother's efforts. Although it is painful, the feeling of being in charge overrides it.

More Consciousness and Less Medical Apparatus

In natural birth, the expectant mother won't have to lose consciousness or be sedated in any way. Throughout natural birth, the person giving birth is well aware of everything and every sensation. While there are discomforts, the expectant mother can simply adjust to a position which makes her feel more comfortable. There won't be any need for an IV drip. Since the process don't need anesthesia or any sleeping meds, the patient won't be placed in jeopardy of going into a coma, or suffer any other complications as a result of sedation. There are some cases wherein expectant mothers lapse into a coma for a couple of days or weeks after a surgical procedure.

No Interventions and More Paternal Involvement

Women who go for a natural birth won't have to undergo an oxytocin (Pitocin) intervention. The purpose of the intervention is to induce or strengthen contractions. The intervention is also done for forceps delivery, vacuum extraction and bladder catheterization. These are necessary because, unlike in natural birth, the patient is unconscious and won't be able to properly "push" the child out. Another good thing about the natural way is that a patient's husband can also participate in the child birth. He can support his wife while in delivery. This is not allowed in surgicalchild birth options since the doctors will mainly be "operating".

Basically, in natural birth, parents get to be more involved. The process becomes a family matter. As the mother tries hard to successfully bring out the child, the father is right beside her, supporting them both. The whole process becomes much more meaningful.