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Why Is Adoption Better Than Abortion

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You are sitting here reading this article asking the question, "Why is adoption better than abortion?" If, for any reason, your parents had aborted you prior to your birth, you wouldn't even have the opportunity to formulate your own theory on the matter. Before even beginning to weigh the advantages of one over the other, take a few moments to think about the reality that you are, in fact, alive and capable of making choices. No one took that right from you before you were old enough to speak for yourself.

Reasoning behind Abortion

According to statistics, most women make the choice in favor of abortion for purely social reasons; reasons that have nothing whatsoever to do with medical necessity.1 It is cited that the primary reasons for aborting the fetus are that the mother/parents are simply not ready to have children, the partner asks for or demands the abortion, or other similar reasons that have nothing to do with the health and welfare of the mother. The question these people fail to consider is "Where would I be now if my parents had not been ready for me?" Perhaps society has fallen so low as to consider self interest before the needs and rights of others. That baby growing inside the woman's body might be dependent on her for life at the moment, but at some point it will be breathing on its own with a tiny heart that is pumping blood through its tiny little veins. It just might be possible to set your self interests aside for a few months to give that child a fighting chance to speak for itself.

Altruism of Adoption

On any given day it is possible to pick up the newspaper or read online2 that there is an infinite number of adoption scams worldwide. The reason why there are so many scams abounding is that childless couples and individuals are crying out to adopt a child to call their own. While proponents of abortion would have women believe that there just aren't enough willing families to care for all the children who would be born if not aborted, the facts speak for themselves. Why is adoption better than abortion? Perhaps the people to ask would be the millions of adopted children worldwide who are living because some mother decided to give them the chance to live. It is impossible to answer that question once the baby is aborted because those children will never have the opportunity to tell you about their favorite cartoon, or when they fell in love for the first time, or when they got their PhD at Harvard. The only way to get a real answer is to allow the children a chance to speak for themselves.

Any time a human being is afforded the right to speak for themselves, that person has been granted one of the basic rights to life. If, for any reason, someone decided that you were an inconvenience, do they have the right to terminate your life? The question might center on whether or not that fetus is a viable human being, but we will never know if we summarily dismiss it as interfering with our way of life. Talk to adoptive parents and their children before taking it upon yourself to answer the question. You might be surprised at what your answer will be.


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