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What Is the Pro Life Movement

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Pro life supporters believe that human life should be valued from fertilization until death. The contemporary pro life movement is usually associated with Christian views. According to them, any taking of a life to benefit another is considered morally and ethically wrong. Pro life supporters believe that abortion, euthanasia, and assisted suicide are all wrong. There are many priests, and other clergy member's, who are actively involved in the pro life movement. There have been numerous stories of mother's who aborted their babies and lived to regret it. Many have stated they wished they had heard the pro life sermons in their church before they had done the horrible deed of destroying their unborn child.

Religion and Pro life Movements - Christianity

In the United States most of the pro life movement is supported by Catholics, Protestants, Eastern Orthodox, and The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints. The denominations have different teachings of the pro life beliefs. Eastern Orthodox and Roman Catholic consider abortion to be immoral in all situations but allow medical procedures that indirectly result in death of the fetus if the mother's life is endangered. Most Protestants consider abortion to be wrong just for convenience, but in the case of rape or incest, or a direct threat to the mother's life if it is justified.

Religion and Pro life Movements - Islam

Islam, just as Christian religion, believes that conception is the beginning of life and God is it's creator. They teach that the fetus has certain basic rights. These rights include the right not only to life, but also to care and protect. According to the Al'Quran, the Islamic holy book, abortion on any grounds is forbidden. A quote from this holy book states, that no one should take a human life because God has proclaimed it sacred.

Religion and Pro life Movements - Judaism and Hindu

Judaism also teaches that it is wrong in any circumstances to take a human life because all humans are created in God's image and should be valued and loved. The taking of any human life is forbidden by the Jewish laws. Hinduism specifically teaches that all abortion is wrong. Ghandi, who was probably the most respected of all Hindus, stated that it should seen clear to anyone that abortion was a crime.

Legal and Political Issues of Abortion

In the United State Republicans advocate pro life but there are a few that are pro-choice. There are lobby groups to support pro-choice for both democrats and republicans. The Susan B. Anthony List is dedicated to getting more pro life women in congress and other high public offices. Political framing is sometimes used to convey pro life or pro-choice views. Pro life uses terms such as "unborn child" or "unborn baby", but pro-choice supporters use terms such as "fetus" and "embryo."

Pro life supporters are against abortion just because the mother chooses to end the pregnancy. They believe it is both morally and ethically wrong. However, some pro life believers agree that an abortion should be allowed if there is incest, rape, or endangerment of the mother's life involved. There are political support groups for pro life believers in our legislative offices at all levels or our government.