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Pregnancy Week 14

How to Get Pregnant

Things are happening pretty fast for baby at this point. Mom probably loves life right now, and enjoying the break from the awful symptoms which have plagued her over the past several months. Dad is more than likely feeling a little better about the pregnancy too now that the rocky period has ceased for the time being. Let's examine what is happening with mom and baby at pregnancy week 14.

Changes to the Mother's Body

The hormones, which were raging in mom's body, have leveled themselves off a bit so she is probably experiencing some relief from frequent urination, nausea, and she feels less fatigued. It is possible that she is feeling a bit constipated as a result of the sluggish bowel muscles, which were caused by the pregnancy hormones. Mom's uterus is probably putting a bit of pressure on the bowel as well, which will also contribute to a constant feeling that she has to relieve herself. If constipation does become an issue, mom may want to speak with her doctor. It is also possible that the veins in mom's breasts are more pronounced and that her areola is increasing in diameter. This is because her body is preparing itself for breast feeding.

Development of the Baby

The baby has grown dramatically! He/she is now approximately 3 to 3 1/2 inches long, weighing about 1.5 ounces. The baby is practicing with his/her lungs by making inhaling and exhaling movements. The ears and eyes are still in development and the neck is beginning to grow longer. The baby's chin has finally stopped resting on his/her chest. The hands are actually functioning and the baby is starting to make little fists. By now the baby is receiving all nutrients by way of the placenta. If mom and dad haven't heard the baby's heart beat yet, chances are it could be heard by a Doppler. In some cases the Doppler will not pick up the heart beat, in which case an ultra sound will.

Diet and Exercise

During pregnancy week 14 a higher amount of fiber is suggested to help with the possibility of constipation. It is not suggested to eat a lot of food that is binding such as cheese. Plenty of fresh fruit juice will help a mom who is having trouble with bowel movements. While many people dread the thought, a great choice is prune juice. Regular exercise such as brisk walking will also help a constipated mom to be. Taking any over the counter laxatives is not a good idea, unless a OB/GYN approves and prescribes it.

Tips for Dads

If dad is getting a little bit stressed out with all the worries about finances and other issues concerning his family or household, he isn't alone. It is perfectly normal for expectant fathers to get cold feet. The best thing Dad can do is spend some quiet time alone and reflect on what is really worrying him most. Sometimes just meditating on a problem can bring resolution. Perhaps he is afraid of becoming a father and he feels overwhelmed by the whole thing. If the pregnancy was unplanned it may be even scarier for him. He can talk things over with a friend or loved one who has been through early fatherhood.

No one is ever really ready to be a parent for the first time, but when they become one, they learn that every child is a special gift to cherish. Take time to appreciate the special gift that is growing inside mom because soon enough it will be time to have that gift delivered.