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Pregnancy Week 16

How to Get Pregnant

As a woman enters pregnancy week 16, she will notice many changes in her body, while the rate of fetal growth is beginning to speed up quite a bit. By now the expectant parents have already announced the coming of a new addition to their family and things are going great. There is still a little bit of time to enjoy the calm before the third trimester, in which mom may begin to experience a little bit more discomfort.

Changes in the Mother's Body

It is quite common during pregnancy week 16 for women to experience minor nose bleeds or stuffiness. As mentioned in previous weeks, a woman's blood volume will increase by approximately 40% to 50% during pregnancy. As a result, the estrogen levels may be affected, thereby, causing a bit of swelling in the nasal membranes. This is quite normal and nothing to be concerned about unless it becomes a frequent problem. Mom's achy muscles from the stretching abdomen are probably in full force but, she is more than likely still enjoying the pleasant relief from morning sickness.

Development of the Baby

Sometimes at around pregnancy week 16, Mom can begin to feel some small fluttering movements from her uterus. Many times this is more pronounced when a woman is lying flat on her back. This is the baby swimming around the uterus. Most moms wait anxiously for the first kicks. It's just about time now. The baby's legs have grown significantly in length and there is ample room for the little one to move around. The baby's fingernails and toenails are also growing quite a bit, and may even need to be trimmed as soon as he/she is born.

Diet and Exercise

There are no significant changes in the diet and exercise routine during pregnancy week 16. Mom should still be taking her prenatal supplements daily and she should still be refraining from taking any medications that have not been prescribed by a doctor. Old wives tails are often told that once a woman is out of her first trimester, she doesn't have to be as cautious. Nothing could be further from the truth. The baby still has a lot of development going on and the smallest mistakes could result in severe consequences. For this reason pregnant women should consult with their doctor as often as necessary about possible hazards to their unborn children.

Tips for Dads

Toward the middle and end of a pregnancy a woman may begin to "nest" in preparation for the baby. Nesting will be discussed in the weeks to come. Much in the way mothers prepares safe homes for their babies, fathers often begin to worry and prepare for the financial future of their families. If an expectant father has not previously carried life insurance, this is a great time to look into a policy. There is a new life coming, and it is his responsibility to be sure that in the event anything should happen to him, his family would be provided for.

No one ever likes to think about the negative aspects of life, but as adults it is important to be prepared for any situation. A new baby is a big responsibility and new parents should not take this lightly.