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Pregnancy Week 25

How to Get Pregnant

As women move closer to the end of their pregnancy, the risk of preterm labor increases. While most pregnancies do go smoothly with no complications, there are some instances when labor will begin much too soon. In these cases there are certain drugs that can be given to women to stop early labor, provided the dilation of the cervix is not advanced or there has been no loss of amniotic fluid. Women should be aware and watch for any signs of early labor.

Changes in the Mother's Body

Pregnancy week 25 will have Mom's belly looking very much like a soccer ball in size. It is not uncommon for women at this stage of pregnancy to have brief stabbing pains to their lower back as a result of pressure to the pelvis, however, if at any time a woman should feel anything resembling menstrual cramps, or abdominal cramping accompanied by lower back pain, they should seek medical attention immediately. In addition, a feeling of severe pressure should in the pelvic area may be another sign that something may be wrong.

Development of the Baby

Pregnancy week 25 proves to be quite busy for the baby's spine! The entire structure of the spine, including 33 rings, 150 joints, and 1000 ligaments, is starting to form. The lungs are also having quite a busy week as the blood vessel are beginning to develop and the baby's nostrils start to open. This baby is beginning to look quite human with a good amount of hair, full eye brows, eye lashes, and proportionate limbs. It won't be long now until the baby is ready to be born. It is still too early and hopefully he/she will decide to stay in the womb just a few more short months.

Diet and Exercise

Mom should be pretty hungry in pregnancy week 25 as baby's nutritional demands increase with each passing week. Loading up on sugary, sweet snacks is not recommended. Of course, treating herself to the occasional piece of chocolate cake or hot fudge sundae will not hurt Mom. The thing she should remember is that the baby needs whole, healthy foods for the essential development of healthy organs, bones, and skin. Mom should consult with her doctor if she is not gaining enough weight or has begun to gain an unusually large amount. The normal amount of weight gain is between 24 and 35 pounds by the time full term is reached. Exercise is still very important and doctor supervision is advised.

Tips for Dads

Pregnancy week 25 is probably a great time for Dad to start looking into his insurance benefits where paternity is concerned. There are many companies that will pay for a paternity leave for fathers but this may not be something that is advertised. Also, if Dad has to put in notice for a vacation or leave, he may want to start making arrangements now. More and more fathers are making the choice to stay home with their wives for the first few weeks. This is never a bad idea if it is at all possible.

It is almost time for the baby shower! Sometime after pregnancy week 25 it is typical for family members to throw a baby shower and bring gifts for mom and baby. This is a nice thing for Moms to look forward to and anticipating the baby shower may be just what a mom needs to help pass the time!