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Pregnancy Week 15

How to Get Pregnant

Things are probably still sailing along smoothly during pregnancy week 15. The baby is developing at a very nice pace now and many things are happening within the mother's womb. Both mother and father have, more than likely, been enjoying some peaceful, quality time with each other. Perhaps the older children have been enjoying good quality time with their parents. It won't be long until the new addition arrives. Everyone is anticipating the big day. At pregnancy week 15 we are counting down, only 25 weeks to go!

Changes in the Mother's Body

Sometime during pregnancy week 15 and week 16, a pregnant mother's uterus will begin getting higher until it rises above her hipbones. Mother's prenatal health care workers will be measuring the fundal height of her uterus. Essentially, this means the total distance between the very top of the uterus and the pubic bone. The mother may still be feeling little aches as her abdomen stretches, which is a normal occurrence at this stage in pregnancy.

Development of the Baby

There may be a little surprise for expectant parents who have an ultrasound done during pregnancy week 15. It is entirely possible the ultrasound will show the baby sucking his/her thumb! Everyday the bones are becoming stronger and hardening. The baby has very thin, transparent skin at this stage, and as a result blood vessels can be seen through his/her skin. The baby's body is covered in an extremely fine hair that is called Lanugo; this hair will cover the baby's body until right around week 26.

Diet and Exercise

Mom should be steadily following her healthy diet of whole grains, nuts, fresh fruits, fresh vegetables, poultry, fish, and dairy. It is acceptable for mom to indulge herself with ice cream and cookies once in awhile if that is what she wants, however, she should try and focus more on healthier, nutrition rich, foods. She should be keeping up a steady regimen of exercise in the form of walking or swimming. High impact exercises may not be recommended.

Tips for Dads

The expectant father should be continuing in his role as the supportive partner during pregnancy week 15. Even if Mom does not seem to be feeling ill or having any problems, chances are she is still a bit anxious. She may be feeling a bit self conscious as her body changes, especially if this is her first pregnancy. It is important for her to feel beautiful; this is a job for Dad. She will need a lot of attention, and frequent displays of affection during the weeks and months to come.

For expectant couples there is no greater bond than that which comes from bringing life into the world. Both Mom and Dad should cherish each other, and the special gift they have been given to do the most important task in the universe. Now is a great time to start thinking of names for the baby, after all it won't be that long before the little one arrives.