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Pregnancy Week 26

How to Get Pregnant

The third trimester is getting closer and many moms are beginning to feel a little unsure of themselves and the upcoming childbirth. At pregnancy week 26 they may be dreading the pain associated with child birth or struggling with what kind of pain medications they can take, if any, during labor. Or they may be trying to decide if they want to go natural and not take any pain medicine. The most important thing for a woman to focus on when she is pregnant is that this sort of thing has been happening for millions of years! Child birth is a natural instinct for women and the joy will surely outweigh any short lived pain that will be involved.

Changes in the Mother's Body

A woman's uterus at pregnancy week 26 of pregnancy is normally about 2 and a half inches above her belly button. One of the things that will begin to occur, some time during this week, or the weeks to come, is the onset of false contractions also know as, Braxton Hicks. This is quite normal and will feel as if the muscles of the uterus are contracting and getting a bit tighter temporarily. The reason for these practice contractions is the body's need to strengthen those muscles and get them ready for child birth. Many women panic when they feel these Braxton Hicks contractions.

Development of the Baby

The baby is about 9 inches long now, from the top of his/her head to the rump! Just three inches shy of a foot! Things are progressing rapidly and he/she probably weighs approximately 2 pounds. Last week we saw the blood vessels in the lungs begin to develop, this week the air sacs will be forming. The lungs will also start to secrete a surfactant which will cover the inner lining of these air sacs and allow the lungs to expand properly during breathing.

Diet and Exercise

At pregnancy week 26 a pregnant woman will need to consume about 300 more calories than she has been in the subsequent weeks. The baby is growing rapidly and needs as much nutrition as possible during this crucial time. Mom should not be ignoring hunger and should eat whenever her body tells her it's time. As the weeks continue to pass, many pregnant women will begin to become more and more sedentary, this is a bad thing. Mom should be continuing her daily walks and kegel exercises until otherwise advised by her doctor.

Tips for Dads

If the nursery has not already been prepared then this is a great time to begin. Just keep in mind that pregnant women should not breathe in paint fumes. With that in mind it may be a good idea for dad to do the painting by himself. Dad will still need to be focused on keeping mom comfortable, both physically and emotionally.

The weeks are going by and the time is almost here. Positive thoughts and quiet meditation, individually or as a couple, are great methods of preparing for child birth. Meditation is especially good for Mom if she incorporates some deep breathing into the meditation.