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Pregnancy Week 23

How to Get Pregnant

Perhaps by the time pregnancy week 23 comes along the sex of the baby has been determined, and Mom and Dad have begun to prepare a nursery for the baby, or have chosen what the baby will be named. Parents should keep in mind that this is the best time for any painting or decorating that needs to be done if they wish to do it together. By the time the third trimester is here, Mom may not feel up to doing much.

Changes in the Mother's Body

This week, Mom may begin to actually see her baby move! The small fluttering movements will begin to increase quite a bit from here on out. The baby will be quite active and probably even doing little somersaults inside the womb. Mom's uterus is just about 11/2 inches above her navel. She may be experiencing some minor moods swings but she should not be alarmed, this is normal at this stage of pregnancy. Mom should try not to be too hard on her self. Her body is working hard to produce a healthy baby boy or girl.

Development of the Baby

The baby probably weighs about a pound by pregnancy week 23! His or her body is beginning to look more proportionate every day. The bones located in the middle ear begin to harden significantly. The great news is that babies who are born at this stage do have a small chance of survival so that means that the major developmental phase is complete. Now all that's left to do is grow and grow the baby will! In the coming weeks the baby will develop more body fat and begin to fill out quite a bit. His/her heart, lungs, and other organs will continue to mature.

Diet and Exercise

Calcium is of the utmost importance for proper bone development and growth. If a pregnant woman is not consuming enough calcium enriched foods such as cheese, yogurt, and other dairy products, her baby may not be getting enough of this important nutrient. In addition, folic acid that is found in dairy as well as certain fruits and vegetables is important for the absorption of calcium and iron. Eating raw vegetables like broccoli or carrot sticks dipped in ranch dressing is a really good snack for pregnant moms. Walking everyday will help keep her in good shape, thereby increasing the possibility of a stress free delivery.

Tips for Dads

Dads should remain focused on taking care of Mom, both physically and emotionally. The changes in her body may be causing her to feel a bit of low self esteem. Letting her know how beautiful and special she is can be the nicest gift an expectant father can give to his pregnant partner. Dad should do something nice like bring flowers home or cook dinner, without having to be asked. It is important to remember that even the slightest kind gestures go a long way in the big picture. Mom will appreciate the effort, no matter how small.

Children are the most precious gift in the world and pregnancy week 23 brings Mom and Dad even closer to the birth of their baby. It is a very exciting time for everyone!