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Pregnancy Week 19

How to Get Pregnant

By the time pregnancy week 19 arrives, Mom and Dad have probably already both felt the baby move. The reality of a new baby is now clearer than ever before. There is so much to do and so little time to do it in! That is what most expectant parents are feeling at this stage, however, they should slow down and relax because there is still plenty of time to make all the necessary preparations.

Changes in the Mother's Body

Pregnancy week 19 may bring some rather unpleasant looking skin changes to an expectant mother. She may have blotches on her nose, chin, forehead and cheeks. It is also quite common for her skin to become itchy. Dry and flaky skin also seems to be one of the changes seen in a pregnant mother's skin, especially on areas that are stretching significantly. While stretch marks cannot be prevented, there are some products that can help reduce the dry uncomfortable feeling. Many women have reported that cocoa butter was the best for relieving dryness. Another great way of reducing dry skin is by staying hydrated. Drinking a nice big glass of water, several times a day can do wonders to prevent dry skin.

Development of the Baby

At about pregnancy week 19 the baby will begin to develop a white substance that resembles cottage cheese. This is called Vernix Caseosa. Essentially, this substance is created to protect a baby's sensitive skin from becoming water logged, so to speak. If a person were to sit in water for a period of nine months, imagine the condition the skin would be in. The Lanugo is still covering the baby's skin and the placenta is growing at a nice steady pace as it continues to provide essential nutrients to the baby. The baby is probably quite active and sucking his or her thumb regularly.

Diet and Exercise

An iron enriched diet is very important for pregnant women because many times, they can develop anemia as a result of poor iron consumption. Eating foods that provide a good source of the daily recommended iron requirements will help prevent anemia. Foods such as liver, red meat and cereals that are fortified with iron are a great natural source that the body can process easily. Foods that are high in vitamin c such as citrus fruits can aid the body's ability to absorb iron. Regular exercise is still highly recommended during pregnancy week 19.

Tips for Dads

By this time the reality of becoming a father has really start to hit home. Many times expectant fathers begin to panic and wonder if they are going to be good fathers. It is important for dads to remember that there is no one who is ever fully prepared to be a parent. Becoming a good parent will take practice and there will be many methods of trial and error. There is a very good chance that Mom is feeling much of the same things, fathers can help alleviate their concerns by discussing them with their significant others.

If a person never does anything else in his or her life, raising a productive, healthy and happy human being will be more than enough. Sometimes we lose track of what has real meaning in life, and the coming birth of a tiny baby often puts things back into perspective.