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Pregnancy Week 17

How to Get Pregnant

We are moving right along into pregnancy week 17 and everything still seems to be flowing at a good pace. Mom's body continues to change everyday, baby's body continues to develop rapidly, and Dad continues to wait in anxious anticipation for his child to be born. Siblings may be starting to realize the fact that a new baby is coming and are quite possibly asking many questions. This is a great time for parents with other children to speak with them about their fears and concerns about the arrival of a new brother or sister.

Changes in the Mother's Body

As we discussed last week, the time to feel the baby moving is near, if it has not already occurred. Mom has probably gained anywhere from 5 to 10 pounds by now and will continue to gain weight steadily through the rest of the pregnancy. By pregnancy week 17 the expectant mother's uterus will be approximately 1 1/2
Development of the Baby

Week 17 is a fast track for baby's growth. Fat is beginning to form beneath the baby's skin, diminishing the transparent appearance and making it look more like human skin. The baby and the placenta are probably equally sized by now. The baby's small heart is pumping up to 25 quarts of blood per day and he/she is probably swallowing, sucking his/her thumb, and blinking. The baby is becoming more and more active at pregnancy week 17.

Diet and Exercise

Peanut butter is a great source of protein and essential fat for Mom and baby. The all natural peanut butter is the recommended form. Mom might want to consider adding a tablespoon of all natural peanut butter to her diet. Olive oil is also a very good oil to use for cooking because it has the "good fat" that the brain and body need to function properly. Mom should not be trying to eat a fat free diet or restricting calories during pregnancy. Eating a good combination of healthy foods and exercising regularly will help Mom when it comes time for delivery.

Tips for Dad

By pregnancy week 17, expectant moms will almost always be calling on dads to let them know their baby is kicking. Often times when Dad cannot feel the baby, he becomes frustrated or loses interest. This can be very disheartening to Mom who is desperate to share her bliss with her husband. It is a good idea for Dad to make an effort to humor Mom until he can actually feel his child kick. Once a father has felt his baby move inside his/her mother's uterus, he no longer owns his heart as it now belongs to his tiny unborn baby.

This stage of pregnancy is monumental because the realization that there is life growing inside a woman's body, hits home. This baby that everyone has been talking about is moving around and can be felt now! There is no feeling quite like it.