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Pregnancy Week 20

How to Get Pregnant

We made it to the halfway mark! Now is a great time for mom and dad to look into childbirth classes. It is also a very good time, if there are other little ones in the home, to start some play sessions with them to teach them how it will be to have a new baby sister or brother. They will perhaps be a little jealous at first but normally, things will get better with time. It's important to make the other child/children feel like a part of the pregnancy by getting them involved.

Changes in the Mother's Body

A woman in pregnancy week 20 will have a relatively pronounced pregnancy pooch. Her uterus will be right at her navel and growing faster with each passing week. The line that runs from the belly button to the pubic hair will have darkened considerably by now but will go back to its normal color after the baby is born. The dry skin and sensitivity caused by the stretching abdomen will still be a concern. Applying lotion to the effected areas will help.

Development of the Baby

The baby now has the same sleeping habits as a new born baby does. The hair is beginning to grow and if the baby is female, she will begin developing her uterus. The baby is growing significantly each week. Normally after pregnancy week 20 has passed, the baby will begin to gain more weight than it has in the previous weeks. Most pregnant mothers begin to "show" much more after this 5 month mark. The baby will be very active at this time and kicking will be a common occurrence.

Diet and Exercise

The smaller infrequent meals we discussed earlier are still a very good idea. High fiber, a good amount of protein calcium, and iron should be consumed daily. The baby needs a lot of nutrition right now because he/she is starting to grow more and more each week. Nice long walks in the evening can be a wonderful activity for Mom and Dad and it can help mom stay in shape. If there is a swimming pool, some light swimming is another good form of exercise.

Tips for Dads

Chances are Mom has already started to make plans for child birth classes that she expects her husband to attend with her. Many men do not realize how important it is for them to be involved, or they are just plain reluctant to go. It will be very important to show mom support by going with her. Perhaps meeting other Dads who are in the same situation will help alleviate some of the original fears Dad has been experiencing.

Pregnancy can be very difficult if I woman has to go through it alone. When her husband supports her throughout, she is going to be more content. A happy mother almost always means a happy and healthy baby.