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Pregnancy Week 27

How to Get Pregnant

By pregnancy week 27, if Mom is working, it is probably a good time for her to start considering her maternity leave and getting all the details sorted out. Some mothers only take a month off, while others decide to stay home for several months before returning to work. This can be a tough situation, especially for career oriented women. It is a good idea for Mom to discuss the different options with her husband, and her employer. Things are moving along quickly and with only 15 weeks left to go until delivery, there are many decisions to make.

Changes in the Mother's Body

Sometimes right around pregnancy week 27, the expectant mother may begin to experience a bit of shortness of breath. This happens because her uterus is right at her rib cage by now and her lungs are probably having trouble expanding to their full capacity. This is nothing for her to be alarmed by, while it may be a bit uncomfortable, it will not have an ill effect on the baby. The hormones brought on by pregnancy will cause her circulatory system to work much more proficiently. Pregnancy week 27 marks the last week of the second trimester. Mom is entering the "heavy" stage and she may become a bit uncomfortable for the next few months.

Development of the Baby

During pregnancy week 27, the baby's brain is continuing to develop rapidly. The lungs are also continuing on their path to maturity. The baby has grown quite a bit and by now is probably a whopping 1 1/3 inches long! The retinas in the eyes are beginning to form, and the eye lids are starting to open up. As the baby's hearing is beginning to develop, he/she may begin to hear and recognize Mom's voice! All of the baby's organs are still continuing to mature. Baby's born at pregnancy week 27 have a good chance of survival, but let's hope baby continues to be patient and stays a bit longer!

Diet and Exercise

In the weeks past we have discussed walking and swimming as a good form of exercise but mom may be getting bored with just walking, and she may not have access to a swimming pool, or perhaps, the season hasn't allowed swimming. In any case, dancing is another great form of exercise for moms to be. Mom can throw on her favorite CD and dance as long as she wants, provided she doesn't over do it or feel any discomfort. Her focus continues to be on getting the proper caloric intake recommended for her stage of pregnancy.

Tips for Dad

By the time pregnancy week 27 arrives, Dad may find himself being awakened during the night, not because there is anything wrong but because mom is ravenously hungry! She may be craving the oddest foods as her body signals her to provide certain nutrients to her growing baby. Dads should try to use patience and consider these sleep interruptions practice for the future. Soon a new baby will be in the house, awakening everyone in the house at different times of the night. While Dad has probably been trying to help Mom choose healthier snacks, this might not be the best time to lecture her on what she eats!

All of the minor inconveniences that go with pregnancy will be forgotten as soon as Mom and Dad lay their eyes on the little person that is rapidly growing in Mom's womb.