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Pregnancy Week 21

How to Get Pregnant

As we enter pregnancy week 21, Mom and Dad will almost certainly be feeling excited at the prospect of being halfway through the pregnancy. The second trimester continues to offer relief from the ill physical effects of the first trimester, so things should still be pretty calm and complaint-free at the moment. Hopefully all is well for Mom and Dad and there are no riffs or added stress that could affect the baby. At this time, siblings are probably beginning to get their first chance to feel the baby kick, if not this week, surely in the weeks to come.

Changes in the Mother's Body

During this week mom should be showing a little more significantly. She should also be feeling the baby move quite a bit. The average weight gain by pregnancy week 21 is approximately 10 to 15 pounds, provided Mom is eating properly and supplying the fetus with all the appropriate nutrients he/she needs to develop into a healthy baby.

Development of the Baby

Pregnancy week 21 will show quite a reduction in the rapid growth the baby has been experiencing over the past several weeks. The baby's heart will continue to strengthen and mature and his/her legs are beginning to grow to the proper proportionate size. The baby will be keeping a schedule that is close to that of a newborn baby. He/she will be sleeping most of the time with several intervals of activity throughout the day and night.

Diet and Exercise

Mom should be eating plenty of all the healthy and nutritional foods she has been eating up to now. Foods that are high in iron are very important to the health of the baby's heart and since this week marks time that the baby's heart will be maturing, iron rich foods are vital. Eating healthy snacks like whole grain toast with a teaspoon on all natural peanut butter, rather than sugary cereals is a great way to get additional protein.

Tips for Dads

Dads should spend this quiet time between the sickly first trimester and the heavy third trimester and take mom away on a nice romantic getaway. Of course it is always a good idea to check with the doctor prior to making travel plans. In most cases a woman in pregnancy week 21 can still fly but just incase, Dad should get it approved. If this is a first baby, this may be the last alone vacation Mom and Dad have for quite some time so Dad should definitely take advantage of it. If there are other children, it's as good a time as any to take them along on a family vacation.

There are a lot of great books and children's movies designed to help older children prepare for the birth of a younger brother or sister. Mom and Dad, provided there are other children in the house, should spend some quality time reading with their subsequent children so that they will not feel left out when the new baby arrives. Some people may think it is too early at pregnancy week 21 to be concerned with such things but nothing could be further from the truth.