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Pregnancy Week 18

How to Get Pregnant

The countdown continues and we are almost halfway through the pregnancy. At pregnancy week 18 there are only 22 weeks to go! Most moms feel as if it has been years since they received the positive pregnancy result. Time doesn't fly during pregnancy, but this can be a good thing because it gives expectant parents enough time to adjust to the arrival of their new baby.

Changes in the Mother's Body

For pregnant women, feeling light headed, dizzy or even a bit faint isn't at all uncommon. Unless these issues persist and become a chronic or serious problem, there is very little cause for concern. Many times women will develop low blood pressure when they are pregnant, mainly because their cardio vascular systems have slowed down in their reaction time. A woman's uterus at pregnancy week 18 should be directly below her navel. At week 18 an ultrasound can almost certainly determine the sex of an unborn baby.

Development of the Baby

At pregnancy week 18 the baby is weighing in at about a half of a pound and has become quite human in appearance. There are tiny pads developing on the tips of the baby's fingers and toes. The baby's eyes are directed forward now, rather than on the side of his/her head as they were in previous weeks. The baby's first bowel movements are called Meconium, and it is beginning to accumulate in the baby's bowel. Male babies will begin developing their prostate gland during this time. It is also very common at this stage of pregnancy for baby's to hiccup.

Diet and Exercise

As the baby grows in size, a pregnant woman may notice that when she eats, she is getting full a little bit faster than usual. When this occurs, she should eat frequent small meals to be sure her caloric intake is sufficient in providing proper nutrients for her baby. The caloric intake should still be at around 3500 calories per day. Raw vegetables are preferred over cooked vegetables as they provide a higher number of vitamins. A nice stalk of celery dipped in peanut butter is a very healthy treat for expectant mothers. A nice long walk in the evening when it is cool is a great way for mom to stay in shape.

Tips for Dads

Expectant fathers tend to become very protective of their wives and as a result they may feel the need to immediately fix whatever is bothering his sometimes overly emotional partner. Dads should take a nice deep breath and realize that many times, when a pregnant woman cries or complains, she just needs a loving person to listen to her. Commonly, when a pregnant woman vents to her husband, she doesn't expect a solution to whatever her issue is. Giving her the total undivided attention she craves will almost always comfort her.

Pregnancy week 18 is a great time for both Mom and Dad to start reading literature on child rearing. It is important to remember that bringing a child into the world is only the first step in creating life. The larger responsibility lies in how a child is shaped and molded into a productive and happy human being.