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Pregnancy Week 22

How to Get Pregnant

At pregnancy week 22, Mom may be feeling a bit self conscious as she begins to gain more weight, and her abdomen begins to protrude more noticeably. It is important for her to remember that there is nothing more amazing or beautiful than a woman who is pregnant with a child. This is what life is all about and she is doing something really big. She may not know it but to her husband she is probably the most beautiful woman in the world!

Changes in the Mother's Body

Mom's uterus is probably about one inch above her belly button at pregnancy week 22. The weight gain will probably be increasing steadily as the weeks continue to go by. A lot of times pregnant women at about this stage begin to develop backaches. This is because of the added pressure on her back, caused by the weight gain. She may also be retaining fluid which could lead to swollen ankles. It's a great idea for mom to wear more comfortable shoes, and put the high heels in the closet until much later. This will help prevent back pain from becoming worse.

Development of the Baby

The baby probably weighs about a pound at pregnancy week 22, give or take a few ounces. His/her eyelids and eye brows have fully formed. At this stage the baby's brain will begin to develop and mature rapidly. If the baby is a male then his testicles will begin to drop into the scrotum this week. At this stage the baby is still very thin with very little body fat, and will continue a progressive growth pattern until the third trimester when things will speed up for him/her significantly.

Diet and Exercise

Because the chances of water retention begin to increase sometime during the second trimester, it is a good idea for Mom to focus on foods that contain less sodium. Salty foods will increase water retention significantly. Talking long walks and swimming are still excellent forms of excerise during pregnancy week 22. Yogurt, almonds, whole wheat, low salt crackers, and high fiber cereals are great in between meal snacks. Mom should not be trying to restrict her diet as far as caloric intake and should be consuming about 3500 calories a day.

Tips for Dads

Pregnancy week 22 is a great time for Dad and Mom start considering what the child will be called when he/she arrives. Most of the time parents can find names that they will both like, however, sometimes there is a bit of controversy and in turn compromise must be made. Sometimes parents choose to share the naming responsibility by allowing one of them to choose the first name and the other to choose the middle name. In any case, if the gender of the baby is still unknown, it is a great idea for Dad to sit down with Mom and make a list of names he likes and let Mom do the same. Through the process of elimination, a great name can be chosen that both parents will love.

Whatever the baby is, whether it is a boy or a girl, Mom and dad are sure to fall in love the moment they lay eyes on their new child. Some parents choose to be surprised rather than having the sex of their child determined.