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Adoption - The Other Way of Having Children


These days thousands of children are living in abject poverty and are in need of a loving home. With many couples unable to conceive or willing to expand their family, adoption is a suitable alternative to having children.

How is it Different from Pregnancy?

Adoption is very different from pregnancy where a woman would bear the child for nine months before giving birth. Thus, in the case of pregnancy, a woman spends a considerable amount of time being in touch with her baby whereas in the case of adoption, the woman comes into contact with the child only after the child is placed in their care. Adoption also entails a gamut of formalities and procedures ranging from completing application forms and negotiating fees. However, once the procedures are complete, the child is free to finally be welcomed into the new home. Thus, with adoption - the other way of having children, a bond may need a little extra attention and commitment to be formed.

The Procedure of Adoption

Once a couple decides to go ahead with adoption, they would need to contact an adoption agency. Such agencies deal with all kinds of adoption services such as interstate adoption, international adoption, providing support to couples dealing with post placement and many other services. During this process, the requisite documents and paperwork are completed and checked and the agency will conduct background checks on the couple as well. Financial stability is essential and other aspects like the character as well as criminal record, if any, are ascertained. Therefore, adoption can be a tedious process but is extremely rewarding once all the formalities are done with.

Inability to Conceive

For those couples who have not been able to or are unable to have children, adoption represents a perfect way to raise a child. Whether due to health or other personal reason, adoption is a positive step for many wishing to have a family of their own. Though the child may not be related by blood, he or she is nurtured and given a loving and protective home to grow up in. The other advantage of adoption is that couples are essentially providing for a child who is in need of an education and a respectable upbringing. Some people may feel as if they have lost all hope but there is always adoption, the other way of having children.

A Better Life

Adoption is a great way to build on the family, nurture a child in need and experience the joys of parenthood. As mentioned earlier, the greatest gift apart from that of a new family member is the ability to be able to provide a better life for an individual. As adoptive parents, it will become your responsibility to do the best that you can to provide a better life for your child. There are many kids who are searching for the chance to live a normal life with parents who love them. If you are unable to conceive, there is still a way to have a child of your own.