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Ways to Promote Adoption


There are so many wonderful families who want to have children but are unable to have their own; in addition there are thousands of children just waiting for a safe and loving home. There are many ways to promote adoption when talking with women who may be at risk of choosing abortion instead of adoption as well. Helping both sides of the adoption process be aware of their options is crucial.

Step 1: Get Informed About the Process

There are many myths out there about how hard it is to adopt. The fact is, although there's a lot of paperwork to complete, mandatory training, and a home visit and background check, adoption is not hard to do. The more forthright you are to questions asked, and precise you are when completing your paperwork, the smoother everything will be. For those considering giving a child up for adoption, many places will accept the child with little or no questions asked.

Step 2: Know the Costs Involved

Although adopting a child can, in some instances, be expensive, there are several options available to greatly lower the costs to adoptive families. One of the ways to promote adoption is to lead people to agencies that will help place children from foster homes into permanent, loving homes. Many times fees can be waived or are paid by local or national non-profits that help with adoption costs. Most states also offer subsidies to help families until the child reaches 18 years of age. There are no costs to birthparents who give their child up for adoption.

Step 3: Know Who Qualifies to Adopt

Many people believe that adoptive parents have to be "typical" families. This is simply not true. You can be single, gay, over 55 years of age, or have a disability and still be eligible. What adoption agencies are looking for are people who can provide a safe, loving home for the child. Adoptive parents don't need to own their own home, be wealthy, have other children, or have a stay-at-home parent available. They simply need to be stable, loving, mature, dependable, and flexible. Birthparents, in some instances, have the ability to help choose what type of family adopts their child.

Step 4: Support National Adoption Day or National Adoption Awareness Month

A wonderful way to promote adoption is to support the National Adoption Day or National Adoption Awareness Month, which is in November. You can get involved in the planning and/or implementation in your local area. This is will help to remove the barriers many see to adoption as well as increase public awareness of the large number of children waiting for permanent, loving homes.

Step 5: Plan Your Own Event to Promote Adoption

If your local community doesn't already have an event, or if you want to plan an additional one, there are several organizations, both national and local, that will help you. Using your favorite search engine, do a search on "promote adoption" or something similar. Your event can promote a press conference for local media, a day of finalizing adoptions in family court, a party or day in the park to celebrate families who have adopted, or an adoption "fair" to provide information to those interested, or any combination of the above.

There are so many ways to promote adoption and knowing your options and having the latest information is vital. Go through the many options and decide what goes best with your personality, resources, funds, time and skills. Your assistance could help save the lives of many children and place those children into loving homes.