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Things to Do Before Sending an Adopted Child Back to School


When you adopt a child there are several things that have to happen during the transitional period. The first involves getting the child used to the home environment. This can involve familiarizing them with the rules of the household and working with them to develop meaningful and healthy relationships with the other people living in the house. Another thing that has to happen during this time is getting the child used to the social environments outside of the home that will play a large role in the child's life from this point on. Probably the most important social environment that your child will be introduced to is his or her education environment, or school.

To make the transition into a new school or going back to school after an adoption as easy as possible, there are several things that the adoptive parents can do. As a parent of an adopted child it is your responsibility to make sure that all of these things are done in advance. It can be hard for kids to feel like they fit in at a new school; it can be even harder for children who have been adopted to make this transition.

Step 1: Medical Records

Any child this is enrolled in a school program has to have the appropriate corresponding medical and educational background paperwork. You will need to do a little research to discover what kinds of things are mandatory for the school you are enrolling your child into. All schools will need to verify that the child has the appropriate immunization history. Additionally, if your child has any medical issues, school officials will need to be notified of how to deal with those specific requirements necessary for your child.

Step 2: Paperwork for Placement Purposes

If you have an older child who has already had some schooling you will need to submit paperwork that details the education your adopted child has already received. Some schools will ask that the child do additional placement tests to ensure that they are at the level that they should be for their age. Dealing with the paperwork process can be tedious but is necessary to ensure that the school will accept the child as well as place them in the area that they need to be.

Step 3: Working With School Officials

Most schools have beginning of the year parent / teacher conferences. If the school program you are enrolling your child into does not then you should probably request a time to sit down and talk with the teacher before the year starts. During the conversation you should make the teacher aware of the situation and address any concerns that you have. Letting the teacher know that the child is adopted can help them to be more sensitive to issues (i.e. they will have advance notice and would probably not do assignments such as "make a family tree", etc.).