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An Introduction to Adoption


Adoption can be a long and sometimes difficult process. There are a lot of misconceptions about the kinds of things that are required for an adoption to take place. These misconceptions can often serve to deter some individuals who are preliminarily interested in adopting a child. Before you get discouraged or overwhelmed by the extensive list of things that are required or by the worst-scenario stories that get spread around, you should take some time to familiarize yourself with the adoption process. This article will serve as an introduction to adoption and will hopefully be able to supply some information on the process itself.

Why Adoption?

There is no one reason that a couple or a single individual decides that they want to pursue an adoption. There are times when a couple's infertility issues cause them to consider adoption. Other times, families that already have children decide that they are able to offer a wonderful family environment to a child that would otherwise not have a family to love and care for him or her. Adoption is a great way to help a child in need by providing them with not only the physical goods that they need, such as a home, food and clothes, but also to give them a loving and nurturing environment that they can grow in.

The Joys of Adoption

Ask any parent of an adopted child and they will tell you that you grow to love the child just as you would love your own biological child. These kids bring so much joy to the families that adopt them that it makes the long process well worth the effort. It does not matter that the child does not have your DNA; the bond between adoptive child and parents can become just as strong as the bond between a child and their biological parents.

The Adoption Process

There are a lot of different options and procedures available when it comes to adoption. For starters, you can choose between an independent adoption and an adoption that is facilitated by an adoption agency. An independent adoption is when the biological parents and the potential adoption parents find each other on their own and work out the adoption agreement among themselves. Independent adoptions are pretty rare because most people like the security and additional services that an adoption agency lends to the process.

After choosing an agency, you apply to become an adoptive parent and are then screened by the agency to determine if they think you are fit to adopt a child. If you pass the various screening measures you are then matched with either a birth mother who has yet to deliver or the actual child you will be adopting; this depends on what kind of plan you have worked out with the adoption agency and the age of the child you are looking to adopt. The adoption is finalized after the biological parents terminate their rights and a judge issues a judgment that make the adoption legal and binding.