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How to Plan an Adoption Baby Shower


An adopted child needs to be treated in the same manner as any other child. What could be a better way to celebrate the arrival of a new adopted child in the family than with a baby shower?

Step 1: Choosing the Right Time

Adoption can be a lengthy process, often resulting in delays with the final adoption date. Due to this reason, it is vital to have the baby shower only after the child has been placed in the care of the adoptive couple. This is both a practical and realistic choice as it avoids having to purchase clothes, which may not fit the baby or having to face the frustration of a postponed adoption date. Therefore, when considering how to plan an adoption baby shower, the timing should be right.

Step 2: Sending out the Invites

Ideally, the baby shower invites should go out at least three or four weeks prior to the date of the shower. The child's age should be mentioned on the invite because then guests can buy age-appropriate gifts for the child. The name of the child along with the adoption date should also be mentioned on the invite.

Step 3: Planning the Theme

These days, it is possible to make the process of how to plan an adoption baby shower interesting by choosing various themes. Themes from nursery, potluck, office, coed, garden etc. make the party interesting. This is an opportunity to get creative and will end up becoming a joint experience with the new parents and the adopted child.

Step 4: Games

Games are a great way to celebrate a baby shower for an adopted child. Baby themed games like baby name scrambles, nursery rhymes etc. work well. If the child is older, then games pertaining to parenting or motherhood might be better. These games make the baby shower more fun and also bring in an element of excitement when you are considering how to plan an adoption baby shower.

Step 5: Food Decoration and Flavors

The type of foods chosen as part of the menu would depend on the theme as well as the age of the adopted child. Three important elements to keep in mind when choosing the food should be the ease in preparation, inexpensiveness and elegant presentation, which is fun to look at. Decorations could range from using clothes lines and hanging baby diapers across it or using candles to make the shower more elegant. Balloons and cutouts are other useful decor items. Flavors can be included in a nice satin drawstring bag with nuts, candies or other treats along with a personalized thank you note.

By knowing how to plan an adoption baby shower and deciding on the details beforehand, it is possible to have a fulfilling and creative baby shower, which truly celebrates the arrival of the child and the start of a journey.