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The Basic Steps for an Adoption Process


Typical adoption processes entail complicated procedures with lots of red tape that can make it frustrating for any individual who's only desire to give a home to a child in need. Adoption agencies try to cut down on how difficult it is for couples of individuals to go through the adoption process; however, it is still a lengthy and trying process to get from the beginning stages to the final result of adopting a child. This article is aimed at outlining the basic steps for an adoption process that interested individuals will have to go through.

Step 1: Finding an Agency

Families looking to adopt should thoroughly research the process and the various agencies that are available to them both geographically and financially. They should find an agency that fits with their needs. This can take some time but should not be rushed. Make sure that the desired agency is licensed and be sure to listen to third party experiences associated with the agency. Most agencies require you to fill out an application to be considered by the agency as potential adoptive parents.

Step 2: Working with the Agency

The agency you choose will either accept or deny your application to become potential adoptive parents. If they accept the application the families will be given more information about how that particular agency operates. Some agencies will want to perform "home visits" to examine the home environment that you are planning on bringing a child into.

Families may also have to meet with various adoption experts that will evaluate how fit the families are to raise an adoptive child. Agencies will also be conducting background checks on the various family members that will be raising the child to ensure that the home is a safe environment to place a child into. All of these things will factor into the agency's decision to match you with a child awaiting adoption.

Step 3: Matching with the Birth Mother or Meeting the Child

Typically families looking to adopt an infant will have to wait a lot longer to be matched with a birth mother than families that would like to adopt an older child. Depending on the type of the adoption, closed or open, potential adoptive families can meet with the biological parents of the child to work out the details of the adoption; these meetings are usually facilitated by the agency involved. These meetings can give both sides more information on what is expected by each party, they can also help to make both sides more comfortable with the adoption process in general.

Step 4: Finalizing the Adoption

The waiting process up to this point can depend on a lot of factors including the age of the child and the various requirements that the adoption agreement has put into place. The adoption is finalized when a judge issues the final binding order after a series of events has taken place: the rights of the biological parental have been terminated, the adoptive parents have had the child in their home for 6 months, and a social worker has had time to evaluate the placement and make a positive recommendation to the judge.