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Common Post-Adoption Issues - How To Handle Them


Adoptive parents going through the adoption process have to be prepared for anything. After the typically lengthy adoption process, most parents are relieved to finally have their child at home with them. This might seem like the end of the struggle to become adoptive parents, but once the adoption starts there is a whole new set of issues that could come up. This article will discuss some common post-adoption issues and how some adoptive parents and experts recommend handling them.

Explaining the Adoption - As Early as Possible

Adoptive parents of infants or smaller toddler age children will not have to deal with this issue to a large degree during the initial stages of adoption. The adoptive parents will need to decide how they will address to topic of adoption with the child as he or she ages; most professionals agree that informing the child they are adopted should start as soon as possible so that the topic becomes one that can comfortably be spoken about as the child ages without stirring up negative emotions.

Explaining the Adoption - A Comprehensive Plan

The parents need to develop a comprehensive plan that ensures they are both on the same page when it comes to explaining to the adoptive child the details about the adoption. Some families chose to utilize the services of counseling agencies to ensure that the emotional aspects of the adoption process are being dealt with appropriately. Other families can openly and honestly address any topics that come up during the child's development without outside aide.

Explaining the Adoption - Older Children

For parents adopting older children the issue of adoption will have to be dealt with immediately. You need to make sure that the child knows what is going on and that they are as comfortable as possible with the process. Adoption agencies will be able to advise parents adopting older children on the best ways to ease them into their new situation. Adoption and School Concerns

We are all aware that children can sometimes be cruel to others that stand out for any reason. Ensuring that your child has a positive experience in school and with others their age can be difficult but there are ways to make the process easier for everyone involved. As the child gets older this will become less necessary as they will be able to decide for themselves how they want to handle their social environment but for when your child is just starting out in school there are several ways you can get ensure the best situation possible.

For starters, you should make yourself known to your child's teacher. Making yourself available in a friendly way to the teacher will ensure that they are aware of the situation and that they can work to ensure your child is not being treated differently simply because they are adopted. The teacher can also avoid common school assignments like "make a family tree" that could potentially bring up issues with the adopted child. Simply making the school aware of the situation can make everyone involved more sensitive to issues that could arise and more willing to work to avoid those problems in the first place.