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Why Choose To Adopt A Child


Adoption is a very rewarding and fulfilling process, not just for the adoptive parents, but also the adopted child. There are many reasons on why choose to adopt a child but some reasons are more compelling. Adopting a child becomes a commitment of a lifetime and hence it is important to assess these specific reasons carefully and objectively.


One of the most compelling reasons to adopt a child is to do with the need to share. Many parents or couples who cannot have children of their own feel the need to provide a protective, loving family to a child in need. In such an environment, the parents share their home, heart and a lot of other things such as family traditions, religious faith as well as family history.

Other Cultures

These days, many parents are looking to adopt children belonging to other cultures. When it is a case of international adoption, the parents get to learn more about the culture of that country and hence gain more respect for it. In this context, the parents get a better understanding of the triad of adoption, namely the adoptive family, the biological mother and the adopted child. The adoptive parents also get a sense of what it feels like to relinquish a child when they interact with the birthmother.

Meeting the Needs of a Child

With so many children around the world dying of malnutrition and poverty, parents from developed countries are reaching out to these children to provide them with proper nutrition, good clothing and a good education. With a family that is financially stable, the adopted child has access to proper medical and healthcare facilities. In other words, the most compelling reason as to why choose to adopt a child is to provide for a child in need.


If a couple has been trying to conceive and has not been able to have children of their own, adoption can be a great way to have a child and provide for it. The fact that the adopted child is being cared for and protected in a loving environment instead of an orphanage is a comforting and assuring thought to the adoptive parents. Of course, these days, even parents with biological children of their own are choosing to adopt simply because of the desire to have another child.

The Right Reasons

Sometimes, parents are overwhelmed by emotion when they see scores of undernourished children who need a home. This emotional outburst often causes them to seek adoption of a child. However, the decision on why choose to adopt a child needs to be based on the right reasons as opposed to emotional issues. Proper assessment of whether the family is ready for another child, financial stability and emotional readiness to accept a new child are important aspects. It is important to be of sound mind and understand clearly why you would like to choose to adopt a child.

Different parents have various reasons on why choose to adopt a child. Yet, the underlying motive to adopt a child has to be a very strong desire to have a child. Irrespective of whether the parents already have one or six children, there has to be a willingness to provide for this new child on an emotional, financial and physical level with all the love they deserve and need.