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What Are The Advantages Of Adopting A Child


Becoming a parent is one of the most rewarding feelings an individual can experience in their entire life. There is nothing greater than the absolute joy that a child can bring to your life. Unfortunately, a lot of people are stuck on the idea that nothing can replace having your "own" child ("own" in the sense that the child carries your DNA and you have raised him or her since birth). This concept is completely absurd and the continuation of this notion in our society is unacceptable.

A Child is a Child

One of the most wonderful things about children is how incredibly adaptable they are to any situation. Given the opportunity, a child will thrive in a loving, caring, home environment. The resilience of children means that they will love and care for their adoptive parents just as much as they would if those parents were biologically related to them. This makes the adoptive process that much more worth it; knowing that if you give the child the chance to feel loved then they will reciprocate those feelings for the rest of their lives.

The one thing that can mess up the creation of a wonderful parent/child relationship is if the adoptive parents treat the child in any way less than they would treat a child biologically related to them. Children only want to love and be loved, which makes adoption a great option for kids who otherwise would not have a great home situation available to them.

Adoption Advantages for Children

There are millions of children around the world, and even here in the United States, that do not have adequate home environments. Obviously there is a heartbreaking amount of children that are orphaned or abandoned at a young age; other than that, there are tons of children who actually have parents and families that are aware of their existence but are simply unable to properly care for them. Regardless of the background reasons and situations that have influenced these children, each of them needs the exact same thing: a loving home environment that can provide for their basic physical needs as well as attending to their emotional development.

Adoption Advantages for Parents

There is no one particular reason that makes a loving couple or a single individual decide that adoption is an option for them. Just as there is no one reason that makes people turn to adoption, there is not one kind of parent or person that would make for the perfect adoptive parents. There are plenty of couples that are not able to conceive a child whether because of infertility issues or, if they are a same sex couple, cannot naturally create a child. These kinds of people obviously want to be able to share their love and home with a child; even though these people may not be biologically capable of having their own children, they can still become parents that can give a child the home that they so desperately need.