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How to Put a Child Up For Adoption


Relinquishing rights to a biological child can be a painful process. Yet, many women choose to do that for the sake of the child. Inadequate finances or not being ready to handle the responsibilities of raising a child are some of the compelling reasons mothers choose to give up a child for adoption.

Step 1: Considering Adoption

Adoption will entail relinquishing all rights to the child. Pregnancy itself can be an emotional journey and after bearing a child for nine months, it can be extremely traumatic to have to give up the child. Therefore, it pays to think the matter over thoroughly before deciding on adoption. While adoption is an alternative, it is not the only choice available to the mother. However, if after considering all aspects, the mother feels it is in her child's best interests to apply for adoption, then the next stage is to get in touch with an agency.

Step 2: Contacting an Adoption Agency

The next phase on how to put a child up for adoption would be to contact an agency. It is important to approach only a licensed agency because there are many organizations who fleece customers of their money by making false plans. A public health organization or a physician will be able to recommend a suitable agency in the locality. The role of the adoption agency is to help the mother choose prospective parents, to explain legalities involved to both the birthmother and the adoptive parents as well as draw up requisite documents to make adoption official.

Step 3: Independent Adoption

If the birthmother does not want to go through an agency, the other alternative on how to put a child up for adoption is through independent means. In this approach, the birthmother will find prospective parents who will pay for the legal and medical expenses. An attorney would then make necessary arrangements to facilitate the adoption legally.

Step 4: Kinds of Adoption

It is necessary to make a comparison amongst all the different kinds of adoption available. With open adoption procedures, the birthmother remains in touch with the adoptive parents and the child after giving birth. In the closed or traditional form of adoption, the birthmother is not allowed any rights to be in contact with the parents or the child. In the same respect, in an open adoption, the birthmother is provided a certain degree of choice in the selection of the prospective parents but in a closed scenario the mother does not have any choice in who the prospective parents will be.

Step 5: Rights of the Birthmother

Even though the birthmother may have decided on adoption, knowing her applicable legal rights will help her to navigate through tricky situations. Should the birthmother have a change of mind, she should know how long post birth she can decide against adoption. Sometimes, the birthmother might not want to remain in contact with the child after an open adoption and knowing the legal rights helps in making informed decisions.